What is Telanganaemploymentexchange.com?

 Telanganaemploymentexchange.com is a jobs information portal which provides information about the job opportunities in the state of Telangana.

 How is Telanganaemploymentexchange.com useful to employers?

 Employers can register/subscribe online and advertise the job openings in Telanganaemploymentexchange.com portal, so that the information advertised can be reachable through the vast number of people from local communities.

 How is Telanganaemploymentexchange.com useful to jobseekers?

 Jobseekers can register and apply for jobs online and will have the opportunity to know about the opportunity about the local jobs in the state of Telangana.

 Do Telanganaemploymentexchange.com charges amount from jobseekers?

 No, Telanganaemploymentexchange.com doesn't charge any amount from jobseekers.